Chasing Skirt

Hello. My name is Vinobaby, and I may have a slight skirt obsession. Not necessarily chasing them (ahem, not my thing), but buying them and wearing them. 

For some reason, I just cannot pass up a cute skirt. I brought home two more today. And two a few days before.  But they were cheap — $1.82 for a gorgeous Ann Taylor sable suede and only $3 a piece for some adorable summer prints. I can’t help myself.

 I think it all started about four years ago when Kiddo entered pre-school.  I no longer spent my entire day on my hands and knees picking up blocks from under the couch and cheerios from every nook and cranny imaginable. I didn’t have to worry about bending over all day.  And I was tired of looking like a unkempt hause frau.

So I bought a khaki skort to test the waters. I could still bend over at the playground without showing of my VS striped panties. It worked.  Soon I ditched the skorts for real skirts. They were cooler and more comfortable than anything else I had worn. And paired with a simple tank or t-shirt I looked, as one SAHM friend commented, all dressed-up and nice

Skirts started showing up in stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. For just a few bucks I could wear something besides khaki shorts and a t-shirt to Open House. Once I started hitting the thrift stores, forget it — a skirt girl was born.

And now I’m wondering: are my frugal fashionista ways are turning into an addiction? Compulsion? Hoarding? Disease?

I just counted and I found at least 38 hanging in my over-stuffed closet. I’m out of hangers. And I didn’t count the work skirts or suit bottoms I may someday wear if I ever make it back to the corporate world.  Or, more likely, at least I may wear them again someday to a funeral or something.

But I probably paid less for all of those skirts than a normal woman pays for one pair of shoes. That makes it okay, right?  (Say yes, say yes, say yes…)  I may have a habit, but it’s cheaper than Cristian Louboutins, Louis Vuittons, or crack…

Louboutin Double Noued Sandals $995
Louis Vuitton Cabas PM Escale $1,490

And I feel great about myself when I am wearing my skirts…free, feminine, fun, and flirty…I can take on the world, Baby.

Now the question is…will I go out for more today?


17 thoughts on “Chasing Skirt

  1. songbyrd

    now your talking my language. I love skirts too! My problem is in finding t-shirts and other tops to go with without looking like a sack of potatoes. It's not the skirts fault…. 😉

  2. melody-mae

    I totally 'get' this!!! Once I started thrifting dresses and then it became skirts…oh yes! I haven't worn a pair of shorts in I do not know how long! We went to Mexico and also a cruise and both times I packed nothing but sundresses and skirts! They are more comfy and 'airy' then shorts in my opinion! 🙂 Now I will say I do not own as many as you but, I plan to! LOL

  3. Jen {at} take2mommy

    If you were hoarding cats or expired food than we should be worrying. But adorable, inexpensive skirts? You go! You deserve them!
    Also, you just made me desperately want to go to Marshalls today, to enhance my black-n-gray yoga pant collection with some flirty & feminine apparel. Those skirts are realllllllly cute.
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  4. Katie

    Dresses, I am that way with dresses. I actually gave up buying dresses for Lent one year, then saw THE PERFECT DRESS at Anthropologie on a sale rack. My best friend pulled me out of the store, based on my declaration "I gave new dresses up for Lent, do not let me by one under any circumstance." (why did I say that?!) To this day, I still think about that dress. I wish I could find it again.
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  5. JuneFreakingCleaver

    When I watch Hoarders, I've never seen anyone have skirts in closets – their clothes are EVERYWHERE! So as long as you're able to put them in the closet or a dresser drawer, I don't think it's hoarding!

    They're cute, economically priced and they make you feel good – happy shopping!


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