Wordless Wednesday: Pura Vida

Pura vida 
Pura = pure and vida = life
Technically, “Pure Life” in Spanish would read “Vida Pura.”
Instead, one meaning of the phrase is closer to plenty of life,
full of life,
this is living,
going great,
real living,
cool. . .  
It can be a greeting, a good-bye, how are you doing, see you later…
The phrase decorates t-shirts and bumper stickers, covers sarongs and skin tattoos.
Pura Vida IS Costa Rica.
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
I want to be there. 
Instead I will live vicariously through my characters, 
through daily writing and editing, and through my memories.
Pura Vida

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pura Vida

  1. lianemarkus

    This is simple but very meaningful. We are all given a chance to live and we should love and protect it. We should be aware that we are so blessed because we are happy and we enjoy the beauty around us.
    My recent post Baby Eagle


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