Christmas in September?

While running through JoAnne’s this afternoon I was shocked to see holiday decorations already lining the isles. No, not Halloween (that’s already on clearance), not Thanksgiving (currently marked 50% off), but Christmas. In September. But, I’m still getting used to this back-to-school thing…I haven’t even started thinking about Halloween yet…it’s still 90 freaking degrees outside, for Christ’s sake… STOP the PRESSURE! 
Then one ornament caught my eye, then another, and yet another.  WINE ornaments. Hmmmm…Maybe I’ll have to go back in a few months when they are on sale, there is a slight nip in the air, and I feel the slightest hint of holiday cheer…
{Please excuse the photo fuzziness — my phone is practically an antique.}

If you are on my holiday gifting list, please at least pretend to be surprised if you see one of these under the tree.

Cheers my friends

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