Dear Coldplay: a note from the little people

Dear Coldplay:

Tickets for the U.S. leg of your Mylo Xyloto tour officially went on sale Saturday.

Even though I am a massive fan, I didn’t buy any.

I don’t know if I’m more upset with me, or you.

My husband and I caught you last time you swung through Orlando on the Viva la Vida tour. The show was  amazing: a vibrant mix of older favorites flowing into new, and I fell freshly in love with several songs on the album for which I hadn’t shown the proper respect. We had such a fabulous time that we snatched up tickets for a second show a few months later, under the stars in Tampa. But that time, we bought a ticket for our son, as well.

My little guy was absolutely enthralled with the Viva La Vida album. Though he was familiar with the older songs, he knew the words to every track on the then new album, and had mastered the art of pounding the air drum to his favorites. Your show at the Tampa Amphitheater was to be his first venture into the entrancing and exhilarating world of live rock shows.  He was only six at the time. (He also had a  bit of a crush on Apple, and mentioned how we should arrange a playdate for the two of them before the show. We tried to explain that cool as that would be, it probably just wasn’t gonna happen.)

Then the show was cancelled.  He was devastated — we were pretty bummed as well, but, hey, we had caught the act a few months before. Though, I had been desperately looking forward to getting lost in the lush tunes while dancing under the stars. We had to promise (pinky swear, technically) to take our son to see you next time you toured.

And we fully intended to keep our promise.

We bought Mylo Xyloto the day it came out, and had it had been on vinyl, we would have worn some heavy grooves in it already. My kid and I worked on our wild and free dancing to Hurts Like Heaven,  Every Teardrop, and Charlie Brown nightly. We watched  as shows were announced in Europe, and waited for our chance to join in the reverie.

I understand you are a megaband now, a powerhouse quartet headlining massive festivals music across the globe. I realize you currently have a hit album and the band is riding on a wave of success. I get that life is a whirlwind for each of you at the moment, overflowing with fame, fortune, and a maybe little family time squeezed in where possible.

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But, dudes — the tickets went on sale one week before Christmas. For June shows. And they were far from inexpensive.  $70+ bucks a piece for nosebleed assigned seating. Well into the $100s for anything where we could actually watch you in person instead of the video screens. And that’s not touching the cash for parking, gas, beers, and merchandise.

Most of us little people have exhausted our measly budgets right now. December is rough; every bit of hard earned cash we could scrape up went into the form of bicycles and Barbies, or video games and coffee makers. If we were real lucky there might be and iPad or a new phone under the tree (the better to watch your videos on, of course). But most of us don’t have hundreds left in the kitty for concert tickets at the moment. For a show next summer.

So, as much as it breaks my heart, we won’t be buying tickets now. If you had put them on sale earlier, perhaps they could have been my Christmas gift to myself, or a few months later, they could have been a birthday or anniversary present.

Because as much as I come alive at a show, as much as I dream of dancing under the heavens to Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, as much as I want to watch my little guy’s eyes light up like technicolor stage lights as he hears the first notes of Viva la Vida, we are going to have to pass this time.

It’s just not in the stars…or the wallets…

But best of luck to you this tour.  Maybe by the time the show comes around, we will have saved enough to buy tickets. Or maybe we will take those hundreds of dollars and just buy a new flat screen television, a Coldplay Live DVD, and a couple of decent bottles of wine so we can rock out with you for more than one night only…


A Coldplay Fan & Her Little Family

8 thoughts on “Dear Coldplay: a note from the little people

  1. Gigi

    What a bummer! It absolutely amazes me at just how much tickets cost these days. It makes it very hard to actually go and see the bands that you love.

  2. Velva

    My first thought was…OMG, Coldplay is on tour…Second thought, like you I live in Florida too, I thought "tickets, I have to get tickets"-then I saw why you were pissed…$70 bucs a pop to sit in the nosebleed section (ugh). To buy tickets for my family, who would love to enjoy a coldplay concert…$400 + parking, gas for driving (surely they are not playing in Tallahassee) and no doubt a hotel room for the night too…I am thinking I can indeed buy a ipad instead.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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  3. lianemarkus

    There is nothing wrong in paying big money so long as the concerts is excellent and the performers really grabbed the attention and interest of the audience. It is really important for the organizers to consider the needs ans concern of the viewers including the money that they will be spending in buying expensive tickets.
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  4. Sandy

    I absolutely love Coldplay, and I was quite fortunate to attend their concert in Johannesburg South Africa when they came down in October. They had two sold out concert in two Major cities. I loved every bit of their show. I hope you can get to see them again.
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  5. lianemarkus

    I hope on their next concert, they will be offering a much more affordable tickets so that people who love watching Coldplay will be able to enter and have a great time singing along and chanting at the same time.
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