My Golden (Globe) Boy

Two nights a year I am glued to the television: the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

Around 6 p.m. I mute the TV (Ryan Seacrest and god forbid Joan Rivers grate my last nerve) and settle in to watch the Red Carpet Live pre-shows.  Seriously, it’s the only time I get a free pass to act like a catty, celebrity-stalking, fashion-whore. Oh, and I watch because I appreciate the fine arts of acting and movie-making, as well.  


Sunday night I was a horrible mommy and turned on the Golden Globes pre-show during dinner. I didn’t want to miss a dress, gem, hairdo, snippet of gossip, or (could we be so lucky?) trip and fall.

Then Kiddo started getting into the show. And commenting.

The outrageously gorgeous and perfectly curved Salma Hayek floated across the red carpet in a stunning Gucci gown. I assumed the Hubby’s eyes would be on her. I was not prepared for the 8-year-old’s to be as well.

“I like that dress. I think you’d look *damn* good in that dress, Mommy.”

I nearly snarfed my chardonnay.
Instead of scolding him for his unacceptable language, I gave him a Nutty Buddy.
I may not win Mom of the Year (like I was even in the running),
but my kid’s going to make a brilliant husband someday…
 Because this is what I *really* look like.
Mama’s Losin’ It

I’m linking up with Mama Kat, and sliding this in as #4 (describe the scene at breakfast dinner) and #5 (what brings you joy).

9 thoughts on “My Golden (Globe) Boy

  1. Barbara

    I would have given him a cookie too! My son just learned to say "beautiful" and keeps saying it to me. I told my husband I'm going to start taking him with me EVERYWHERE just as long as he keeps saying it to me.
    My recent post Love Equality

  2. aka_vinobaby

    I'd love to think that most of the time they say these compliments and mean them from the bottoms of their little hearts. But then again, you can't start training them too young.

  3. Kai

    I LOOOOVE THAT! I could have used YOU to train my daughter when she was little. 'Beautiful' – certainly not 'damned good' – were NEVER terms she applied to me. She DID tell me once that she'd heard fat women should NEVER wear stripes. (I was wearing a VERTICALLY striped top, thank you very much!) Boys are MUCH more trainable. Keep up the good work!


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