What posts are you most proud of?

What posts are you the most proud of?

The most popular posts, which may have skyrocketed your numbers and added to your loyal following?

The prettiest posts, filled with gorgeous photos of your stunning kids or faraway travels?

Instructional  posts, clearly explaining some social media guides or a favorite craft or recipe you created?

Topical posts, where you rallied for a cause or pointed out newsworthy injustices?

The funniest posts, guaranteed to make each reader snort coffee out her nose and comment about your wit and wry humor?

Or the candid posts, where perhaps in a moment of crisis or heartbreak you bared your soul through your words, not to please the readers, but to heal a piece of yourself?

If you are a varied writer, your answer may be bits of all of the above.

They are the the posts where your voice rings honest, clear, and true.

Nicole from Moments That Define Life prompted us to list five blog posts we are most proud of.  A few I list below were obvious choices for me, as they received countless comments or appeared on BlogHer. Though I’m positive I could go back and edit these essays for clearer words and sentence structure, I’ll let them stand as they are.

 When Grace is Gone: A tale of longing, heartbreak, and acceptance.

 Swimsuit Shopping {Part one: the Grey Hair}: A toddler, a fitting room, and some painfully funny discoveries.

 The “C” Word: A waiting room, a diagnosis, a life flashing before closed eyes.


Thrift Store Shopaholic: My favorite frugal fashionista tips to help you find the treasures amidst the trash.

 Killer Whales and Kindness: In the wake of a Sea World trainer’s death, a look at our relationships with these captive creatures.

What posts are you most proud of?

8 thoughts on “What posts are you most proud of?

  1. Nicole @MTDLBlog

    so many lovely posts! I read through Grace and your Cancer story….both gripped my heart. So well written and genuine to the experiences that are miscarriage and illness. Thanks so much for linking up so I could read them! I hope I'll see you again for Listable LIfe!! 🙂

  2. lianemarkus

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  3. Ginger

    A great list! I'm usually the most proud of the posts where I've managed to capture something that's been rattling around in my head/heart for too long. Mostly the personal ones…even if no one else reads them, those are usually the ones closest to my heart.
    My recent post It’s My SITS Day!


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