where the *magic* happens

Not *that* magic.

While cruising through the social media universe (a.k.a. wasting time on twitter) I came across an interesting little proposal: an  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours link up. Really? I didn’t think Just Jennifer was that type of girl…

She’s not. {get your mind out of the gutter} She’s showing off where she gets her blog on.

Since I also decided to hook up with the SITS Girls Build a Better Blog Challenge starting this Monday (#SITS31DBBB), I thought it would be polite for me to introduce myself with a peek into my writing world. (And where I waste time playing online Mahjong, tweeting, facebook stalking, etc.)

To the outside world, I’m still considered just a SAHM to an elementary-aged child. It seems as if every single day I am bombarded by the “but what do you DO all day” question.

I write. 

Every single day.

I completed the first draft of my novel in November, after nearly two years of agony. On good writing days, the words flowed like properly chilled chardonnay. Pure bliss. Most days, words appeared on the screen only after laborious contractions. (Stabbing pains, like before the epidural, when I pleaded for the magic drugs. Perhaps that’s why so many writers dull the voices with drink?)  Now I must start editing, rewriting, and proofing. Eventually I hope to con an agent into representing me and actually publish the book. It’s nice to dream.

I blog.

You’re here, so you know that.

MY own personal domain. Somehow we ended up with more bedrooms than kids (one of the perks of having an ‘only’ — another is that the Hubby has his OWN office across the hall). After the baby-making machine shut down, I adopted orphaned furniture from all corners the house. The ten-foot double-desk (old sewing tables) came with our home, the bookshelf came with the husband, the filing cabinet once filled my dorm room, the desk chair liberated from an old job. I painted the walls to match the sky on a perfect day, breathing life into the once drab room.

A cozy twin bed transformed into a couch for napping reading and working. Framed artwork filled the walls at first, but since much of my novel takes place in Costa Rica, I hung souvenirs and vacation photos to “keep me in the mood.”

When I am lucky, and the weather hangs in perfect balance (a few measly weeks a year), I escape with my laptop to my satellite office. Also known as the porch.

Those are good days.

So, where do you do it?

8 thoughts on “where the *magic* happens

  1. Just Jennifer

    Hey I'm doing #SITS31DBBB too! I love your post and so glad you came and played along!

    You know, people who haven't been SAHMs just don't get that there really is plenty to fill our days, even if the kids are at school. It helps to have an imagination, doesn't it?
    My recent post TGIF: Anything But Edition

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