It’s My SITS Day & the Origin of Vinobaby

Women Online It’s my SITS Day! A special welcome to all of the SITS GIRLS dropping by today. If you somehow don’t know about the SITS Girls, a quick rundown: they are a fabulous support group of 15,000+  women bloggers who are passionate about building a community and sharing their blogging and social media skills. They are smart, savvy, and want to help make YOU a success. Check them out.

In honor of all the newbies, I decided to finally answer a question that has been burning in my online friend’s minds for years:  How did you come up with that weird Vinobaby name?

Eons ago (okay 2008), when I first broke down and started this blog, I was a reluctant SAHM stuck at home with only my darling yet daunting 4-year-old for company, and I often teetered on the brink of sanity.  Days blurred together as I shuttled the Kiddo to playgroups and kept house like a frugal 50s flashback housewife (minus the pearls and heels, of course).

I parented differently than many of the moms cluttering the park benches and kiddie gyms. I wasn’t afraid of my child like so many of them, wasn’t terrified he wouldn’t like me, or worried I’d scar him for life by telling him “NO” if he tried to bite me while drawing on the couch with permanent marker.  And I seemed to be the only SAHM who did not find changing diapers fulfilling. I longed to be more

I had things I wanted to say, but I simply didn’t have the proper audience in real life. So I went online. Like so many of you. Fearing I would be stoned on the playgrounds or plastered with a scarlet letter for my scandalous beliefs, I chose to remain anonymous.

Lets drift back a little further…

While growing fat and busty eagerly awaiting Kiddo’s arrival, I explored some of the pregnancy message boards. Most of my friends IRL were child-free career girls and I was desperate to find women who had a clue what I was going through. I wasn’t going to use my REAL name — that just wasn’t safe of smart. I started thinking…

An ACHTUNG BABY condom package hung from my bulletin board, a souvenir from an amazing U2 concert years ago. (I was in college, it seemed like cool souvenir at the time.)

The Hubby and I married in Italy and loved going to wine tastings together…wine in Italian is VINO

Besides having a BABY on the brain (and on my bladder) at the time, babies are often made with the help of a little vino. (You can’t tell me ours is the only one. The preponderance of children named “Tequila,” “Bailey,” and “Margarita” would fail to argue.)

A screen name was born.
It may be lame, but that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

The original title for this blog was Musings From the Bottom of a Plastic Wine Glass.  I know. Too long. To lush. Not that Vinobaby’s Voice is any better, but for now, I’m stuck with it.  If all goes as planned, I will complete my novel, my writing career will take off, and this will be the little blog attached to my big professional author website. Someday.

It’s good to dream.

So, welcome to my world. If you are new here, you will find my blog is rather eclectic,  like me.  While I no longer consider this a just Mommy Blog, I do often write about kids and family. But as I’ve grown-up and my world has diversified, so has the blog.  I post about food, writing, books,  newsworthy issues, wine, and occasionally I whine. I try to keep some humor in most of my writing, because sometimes a laugh is what gets us through the day (at least until 5 o’clock). Check out the Popular Posts tab to see what other readers have liked.

So I invite you to pull up a chair, put your feet up, grab a mug of coffee or glass of wine and explore. Follow me on Facebook, join me on Twitter, and subscribe by RSS. Please? We can all use a bigger tribe. Feel free to look me up on Pinterest or GoodReads, too.  Thanks so much for dropping by!


58 thoughts on “It’s My SITS Day & the Origin of Vinobaby

  1. Barbara

    I wish you well with the BIG novel and the BIG writing career and the continuation of a fun little blog as a side note. Blogging, in any event, is good writing practice and helps with a writer's sanity while they're in the process of completing and submitting BIG novel. I know – I'm in those trenches also. Happy SITS day Ms Vino!
    My recent post Don’t You Love Moms?

  2. Sara

    I loved being a SAHM but then that didn't happen until my son was in school and what mom wouldn't love several hours of uninterrupted alone time.
    I've been following you for sometime now and I signed up for SITS recently because I saw their logo here. Congrats on the SITS day and I look forward to connecting more.

  3. hotpants™

    My username for everything is hotpants. i got it after watching I Love the 70s on VH1. They were talking about women wearing hotpants. The things we can randomly think of…


  4. Frugal in WV

    Happy SITS day 🙂 We have followed each others blogs for a while, I've always thought that your blog is great!

  5. alexandra

    Your SITS day!!

    Awesomeness! So exciting, and your place is beeyooteeful.

    You certainly are ready for all this SITS company.

    Congratulations, and enjoy your wonderful day, to be a SITS day.



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