lady luck

“When I was a little girl, I used to run around in the fields all day, 
trying unsuccessfully to catch ladybugs. I’d get tired and lay down for a nap. 
When I awoke, I’d find the ladybugs walking all over me.”
 ~Under the Tuscan Sun
Some days you just need to take a break from the never-ending chase, 
relax, smell the salt air, read a book by the shore.
Take a moment to clear your head, savor a moment of pure kismet,
forget to keep score.

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6 thoughts on “lady luck

  1. mommycribnotes

    I. Totally. Needed. This. Thanks so much! I pinned it because I want to be able to come back get the reminder to relax and enjoy. I need it on a CONSTANT basis!


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