Making Flossing Fun for the Family

When was the last time you tried to get your kids to floss their teeth? Last night? Last month? Last year? To say it can be a challenge is a gross understatement. Many parents pick their battles: we consider ourselves fortunate our kids brush their teeth regularly and without tears. And perhaps, like me, you push off the flossing for another night. Again.
But you know kids need to floss. The trick is making it fun. That was always a problem — until now.

When I was asked if I wanted to try the Waterpic Water Flosser for Kids I jumped at the chance. Early this summer we came home from the orthodontist with a whole “goodie bag” full of weird devices to help keep my kiddo’s new braces food-free. The bag has sat untouched under the bathroom sink. 
Kiddo’s eyes lit up the moment he saw his new Water Flosser. It comes with sheets of sticker-like clings, and he customized his Flosser with every last one. He couldn’t wait to test it out.  
I discovered shooting a stream of high pressure water between the teeth is very cool to a nearly 9-year-old boy. Traditional flossing—not so much. Luckily, the Water Flosser is 3x as effective as regular flossing and 1000x more fun. He can control the stream of water and adjust the stream on three levels. He actually wants to use it. And I totally wish I owned  a Water Flosser back when I had braces.
The adjustable water flow cleans not only the normal food stuck between teeth, but also helps get rid of the gunk that tends to cake around braces. In fact, it’s 5x more effective than just brushing alone for cleaning around braces.  And when you’re spending a fortune on braces, the last thing you need is a cavity. It’s all about prevention. You want those pearly whites to last for another 90 years or so.

Although I am not cavity prone (only two in my life—fingers crossed!) my dentist has strongly suggested I use a water flosser and sonic toothbrush if I want to prevent gum disease. For some of us with cranky gums, brushing and flossing are just not enough. Bad gums can lead to dentures and heart disease — no thanks.

This Waterpic Complete Care system not only cleans your teeth, but removes bacteria between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and regular flossing can’t reach. It massages the gums, improving circulation so they can grow stronger and healthier. It feels rather luxurious, and my teeth feel dentist-fresh each time I use it.

The system is up to 159% more effective than manual brushing. And, well, it’s more fun for adults, too.

My teeth and gums — and my oral hygienist — are going to be thrilled.

Want your kids to try out the system? Waterpic is offering

Or visit the Waterpic website for a printable $10 off coupon for the Waterrpic Complete Care System!

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.  I cannot guarantee a positive review for any product or services, but I can promise a review written with honesty and integrity. 

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