Creating Fun Photos with PicMonkey Halloween Themes

I know you all have discovered PicMonkey by now. This user-friendly app stormed the photo editing scene just before Picnik shut down, saving us all from boring, unedited pictures.

The site has improved rapidly, adding more fonts, collage options, textures, frames, and effects each month.  And now it seems they’ve gained some holiday spirit and added an entire Halloween collection full of fun editing treats.

They offer six brand new Halloween themes from kiddie-appropriate graphics to grotesque zombie gore. All are fun to play with.

And all are still free.

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The Trick or Treat theme features sweet goodies like candies, not-so-scary ghosts and goblins, 
and scrapbook-like cutouts. It would be perfect for designing a Halloween party invite.

With the Witches theme you can channel your inner enchantress,
wicked or glam, naught or nice.. .
(And no, that’s not a giant jello shot, but that would be a fab idea.)

 Let me clarify: my child is NOT a Demon. Not even close. He’s an angel 98% of the time.
 This picture just cried out to be played with, and I couldn’t stomach turning him into a gory zombie.
 They scare me. I can’t decide if this editing makes him look like an adorable supe or The Exorcist.

The Day of the Dead theme lets you experiment with Día de los Muertos face painting
without without a drop of artistic talent or magical makeup skills.
(If I tried this in real life I would look like my face was painted by a toddler with finger paints.)
Come November 1st, the official Mexican holiday, this will be my profile pic.

 And you too can painlessly transform into a Vampire just in time
for the last Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 movie.
You can be monstrous or gorgeous, from the Bella Lugosi or Eric Northman clans.
No sparkle available though. If you want that you’re going to have to get more creative.
 I’m ready to join the Cullen family now…

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NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just spent far too much time playing with these Picmonkey effects and think you waste a day messing with them, too. Have fun. It’s an easy way to play dress up without buying a costume!

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