I’m A Scary Mommy

Today I’ve officially become a Member of the Scary Mommy Society.   I am absolutely thrilled to have the honor.


When I told a friend this day was coming (as the good friend that she is) she tried to sympathize and said Uh Oh…it’s one of THOSE days… At which point I had to correct her and fill her in about one of the most awesome blogs out there: Scary Mommy--An Honest Take on Motherhood; the Good, the Bad, and the Scary.

And today I am the guest blogger.  I feel like the prom queen.

The (in)famous blog, written by the multi-talented Jill Smokler, is a daily must read.   Her loyal following of readers rely on her for a daily dose of confessional honesty, social media maven tips, and posts so ripe with her trademark humor you will snarf coffee out your nose if you’re not careful.  And this month she is brave enough to team up with Target and facebook to allow us to dress her each and every day.  It’s like a real life paper doll.  Utter fun and fabulousness.

So head on over and check out my post  Swimsuit shopping.   Do it.  Now.  Please.

8 thoughts on “I’m A Scary Mommy

  1. Mrs B

    Thanks so much for following! I'm here following back. Congrats on the guest post! I'll be making it a point to check it out. After the great stuff you wrote about her, I'm looking forward to checking out Scary Mom's blog too. Have a great weekend!!

    ~Mrs B
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