Legoland Florida Miniland Tour

The Grand Tour via Miniland, Legoland Florida style…
Seven distinctive themed areas, and the “heart of Legoland.”

First stop South Beach. Note: it is the happening South Beach, full of models rollerblading, hunks working out, and hot cars. Twenty years ago it would have been full of 80-year-old snowbirds and walkers.

 Lego sunbathers. Now my son will know how to create Lego breasts — fabulous. Please note the chick on the right looks as if she has had work done (this IS South Beach, Miami). Also please note those are NOT water bottles or soda cans on the table (this IS South Beach).

So that’s how you make a Lego banana hammock (a.k.a. speedo).

The Little Havana section of Miami. Please notice the old man in the lower right corner is about to whack the old man in the wheelchair. They take their games seriously.

 I spotted Beyonce the Chicken posing on a corner of Little Havana.
(Yo, Blogess, I didn’t know you pimped your chicken down there!)

 Kids gathered around the space shuttle, counting down with the clock.
When it hit 00:00 steam came out of the engines. The adults thought it was cool. 
The kids were mad because they thought it would actually lift off.
Next head right up the coast to Daytona International Speedway for a NASCAR race.

The infield is where all the ‘real’ fun happens during a week-long party camp-out. The girls are drinking tropical beverages under the umbrella, and I’m sure if I look closely enough there are plenty of beers to be found.
Also note the Lego Port-A-Potties on the right.
A short drive up the Florida coast will  bring you to St. Augustine, 
alleged home to the Fountain of Youth.
See how the aged strip off their clothes and turn into infants. 
I don’t want to go back that far, thanks…
And we can’t forget Key West. Where else can you find cats jumping through fiery hoops (bottom center) and sword-swallowing tightrope walkers just across the street from everyone’s favorite bar. I was pleased to see Legoland flies the Rainbow Flag proudly (must be the European influence — they are far more open-minded and tolerant than us).

This shipwreck was pretty cool. Divers poked around treasure chests, coral reefs, and skeletons as a hammerhead shark prowled above.

I’m not sure where or what time period the pirate scene depicted, but several great sailing ships and a smoking volcano proved to be a big hit.

 Next you have to go to Vegas, right?
I dare someone to count how many wedding couples they can find. 
There are several by each hotel and many hidden as well, I’m sure.
 I like the Luxor because it makes me imagine I am in a desert region full of vast cultural and anthropological history, instead of the gambling capital of the world.
 With Elvis, of course. And the guy in the back looks like he is attacking the woman. 
Where is CSI when you need them?

 While there are many grand Vegas hotels depicted in Miniland,
I like the little wedding chapel.
I’m sure there is at least one Elvis inside.

Ahhh, Venice. Oh damn, we are still in Vegas. Never mind.
It is far too clean to be the real thing. And there are no pigeons. Or Japanese tour groups. 
Or authentic amazing food and culture.

On to New York City. This model city is quite large and detailed. 
Yes, the man in the orange is a full-sized adult. 
They aren’t called skyscrapers for nothing.

Quick stop in Central Park. I’ve always wanted to visit Strawberry Fields. 
And I’ve always wanted to see how to make Lego dreadlocks.  
I’ve already danced in a drum circle with hippies.
(I would have been the one with the curls and the bell bottoms in the center.)

Who doesn’t love a trip to the Central Park Zoo? 
With parrots and penguins and school girls…

The Sound of Plastic, live on Broadway…
and a mugging just outside? (See guy on bottom left with hands up.)

Times Square…wonder if they add in all the drunks and police on New Year’s Eve?

Now off to our stately nation’ s capitol. The Washington Monument.
I forgot to zoom in to see if it had any of the new cracks.

The presidential motorcade moved through the city.
I didn’t spot any Tea Party protesters as it toured our capital.
President Obama and the first family standing in front of the White House.

Now off to Los Angeles for some mega star sightings in front of the Chinese Theater.
(I couldn’t tell who the celeb was supposed to be…any ideas?)

A relaxing concert at the Hollywood Bowl…
A quick trip (just a few steps) to San Francisco’s Golden Gate.

And make sure to spot the crazy cat lady with curlers in her hair waiting to be rescued from her great fire.

And I shall end, with a Lego kiss…
If you have an eye for detail and a love of Legos, you could spend hours wandering through Miniland, carefully examining the remarkable details the Lego builders added into every scene.  Even if you are not a Lego aficionado, you will be amazed. Spend some time there.
Full Legoland Florida unbiased review coming up soon.

**This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Legoland Florida. No compensation was received (meaning we paid for all our tickets, trinkets, parking, and food).

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  1. naptimemomtog

    WOW!! These are amazing! Great shots. I can't believe how detailed everything is. That had to take forever!

  2. GTC Evans 14 movie times

    Omfg, thank you so much for posting this! It is gonna help me when I am thinking about going to GTC Evans 14 in Augusta! I am from Vancouver so I am not familiar with Augusta. Next time I see my family will be so much better! Rad!


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