One-Buck Chuck and my Frugal Food Challange

So back at the beginning of the month I wrote about My October Food Budget Challenge and promised to save ALL of my grocery receipts. The USDA thinks my little family of three should be spending $464 to $963 per month on groceries. I disagree.

Now, I DID mention that I am not including my wine budget. You can’t make me. 
But I do have to show off a Target frugal find from Friday:
No, I DO NOT DRINK Arbor Mist. 
OR White Zin.
(Well, maybe in college, but that was a LONG TIME AGO.)

But I know people who do. 
I’m just trying to be a nice hostess.
(They don’t have to know it cost $1.)
The Martin Codax, however, is a Albarino from the wine reigion of Rias Baixas in Northwest Spain. 
Reviews say its a pretty decent bottle for its $16 price point.
Personally, I like this bottle’s $2 price point much better.
I would have bought more, but I scoured the shelves and it was the ONLY one.
I only hope it didn’t sit in a truck for two years and taste like vinegar when we pop the cork.

Now back to the REAL budgeting.

Week 1 was tricky. I hosted Kiddo’s birthday party and had ten family members over for lunch, cake, and drinks and I had to bring store-bought cupcakes into his class.  There was also a ton of stuff I use on sale at Publix (with coupon matches–come on, how can I turn down pasta for a quarter?) so I had a much bigger shopping week than usual.

Week 1:

Publix $60.37 (saved $95.41 though)
Aldi $52.49
Walmart $15.84

TOTAL $128.70

Week 2:

Publix: $7.43
Aldi: $36.28

TOTAL:  $43.71

The USDA says I should be spending between $108 (thrifty) and $192 (liberal) per week, so even with the big party week, I’m still doing okay.

{sticks tongue out at USDA}
We shall see how it goes. I still have to do a Costco run before the end of the month. Ka-ching.

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