Review: There’s a Puma in the Kitchen and Other Unexpected Tales of Motherhood

It is with great pleasure I introduce a debut author to you, Heather J. Kelly. Well, new to you — I’ve known about her brilliance for over twenty years. . .

My collection of essays, There’s a Puma in the Kitchen and Other Unexpected Tales of Motherhood,” Provides a glimpse into all of the things I expected about pregnancy and motherhood… and all the things I actually found awaiting me. You will read about my broken boobies, my inability to let my youngest daughter sleep through the night and, oh yeah, that time I dented my oldest daughter’s forehead. ~H.J.K.

Personal bias aside, I loved this collection. Kelley’s transparent writing and irreverent voice made me feel  as if I was sitting around having a drink with an old friend, sharing war parenting stories. Likeable, relatable, and real.  Sometimes I wanted to be laughing beside her, sometimes I wanted to drag her out for a much needed drink, and sometimes I just wanted to reach out and hug her as she endured the struggles of parenthood.

The book is a collection of twenty-three essays capturing the bright, bemused tone of a blog post even when tackling ticklish topics. Yet they’re far from frivolous: the longer essays venture further into the all-access zone than most bloggers would dare tread. I was amazed how much deeply personal stuff Kelley actually put out there. It’s one thing to relate the story of how you picked out baby names, but another to describe your breast reduction and breakdowns (which we all have endured, but don’t necessarily have the balls to talk about).  She bravely lets it all hang out as she takes us on her journey to find sanity amidst two toddlers, a husband, a full-time job, and a puma dwelling in her kitchen.
Many women will appreciate the “Crazy In My Head” essay about the author’s struggles with postpartum depression.  The last few paragraphs of the essay were some of the strongest in the entire collection — every mom will read it and think, “Yes, yes, that’s IT. . . “

Honestly, I wish I had read a collection like this BC (before child).  It’s helpful, it’s fun, it’s entertaining — it’s the warning that none of us received— yet it also speaks of the joys outweighing the chaos. Well. . .usually. . .

Recommendation: BUY IT.  It’s only $2.99 on Amazon, and it would make a fabulous read whenever you don’t want to feel alone as your kids are giving you one of those days.

You can find Heather at her writing blog: 

3 thoughts on “Review: There’s a Puma in the Kitchen and Other Unexpected Tales of Motherhood

  1. heatherkelleywrites

    Thank you so much for your kind review – I hope the collection is helpful to mothers everywhere!

  2. lianemarkus

    I am aware that all mothers will be able to realize and relate from this very meaningful blog of yours. They would probably grab the opportunity to check this out.
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