My Summer Bucket List Sprung a Massive Leak

1.  Finally finish the 1st draft of my novel!!!!

2.  Spend an afternoon in the hammock reading without being carried away by mosquitoes.

3. Break out the slip and slide and make a few good runs myself.

4. Accept my paleness and wear shorts with pride.

5. Find a rocking Sangria recipe and enjoy by the pool with friends.

6. Teach Kiddo to become an expert boogie-boarder.

7.  Build a sandcastle at the shore.

8.  Get a blog article syndicated.

9.  Get paid for my writing.

10. Write an article for a local magazine or newspaper.

11. Join twitter.

12.  Teach Kiddo to roller skate without either of us breaking anything.

13. Float down a cool spring in a tube.

14. Eat watermelon naked.

15. Help Kiddo read the first Harry Potter book.

16. Experiment with a new recipe each week.

17. Form a solid writing routine.

18. Transfer all our home videos to the computer.

19. Have family nights watching home videos.

20. Make s’mores over the bbq grill.

21. Make some kick the can ice cream in the backyard.

22. Dance the night away at a concert.

23. Take Kiddo go-cart racing.

24. Loose the couple of pounds that found me.

25. Be vigilant about sunscreen with everyone in the family.

26. Become a yoga goddess.

27. Read at least 6 books a month.

27. Swing on a swing-set as high as I can.

28. Celebrate pajama day with the family several times a month.

29. Make pasta sauce with tomatoes grown from my own garden.

30. Discover a new farmers market.

31. Finish at least one of the dozens of sewing projects in my sewing trunk.

32. Play family board games at least once a week.

33. Go out for ice cream cones.

34. Go to some writer Meet-Ups.

35. Make homemade fruit popsicles.


Hold the phones…shit…a little bit of life got in the way…

36. Check out as many resume, cover letter, and interview books as possible.

37. Rewrite resume for any possible writing jobs.

38. Rewrite resume for any possible library jobs.

39. Rewrite resume for any possible retail jobs.

40. Rewrite resume for ANY possible job.

41. Apply for at least 10- 50 jobs a week.

42. Promise myself not to stare at the phone waiting for it to ring.

43. Try to keep a positive attitude.

44. Try to squeeze in as much family time as possible before there is no chance of it.

45. Keep up a strong front for Kiddo.

46.  Get a professional haircut in case of an interview.

47.  Cancel gym membership.

48. Attempt to catch up with baby book, school papers saved, and photo abums while I can.

49. Get a job.

50. Learn to embrace change.

Mama’s Losin’ It

15 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List Sprung a Massive Leak

  1. Abby

    If you could find a way to get paid to eat watermelon naked while lounging in the hammock and drafting your novel, I think you can kill a few birds with one stone. Even if there are no job opportunities for that exact position, it would still look damn impressive on your resume.

    Good luck, and remember that even when life (and money) gets in the way, there's always time to make your heart happy–ice cream and Farmer's Markets are a sure way to get there 😉

  2. Mrs. Tuna

    Ummm……if you're already naked with watermelon, do you even need to worry about white shorts legs. I'm not sure that's what people will be looking at. Just thinking.

  3. dumb mom

    Whoa. That is some list! I started doing this one but I only got to like two things: sleep more and sweat less. Go you for making it work for you and good luck with your list!

  4. Sam

    Good luck with the job hunt!

    …and don't EVER let anything come between you and you watermelon. Life's too short not to eat naked 😉

  5. Alison

    That, is a huge list for just one season. I'd have revised it to include eat at least 10 different fruit naked. But that's just me 🙂

    Good luck!
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  6. Stephanie

    Wow, girl, you are ambitious! Good for you. The 6 books in a month I would love to try though! I just finished "The Hunger Games." Have you read it? It's awesome.
    … I think I need to make a list. I love lists. 😉
    My recent post Love reruns?


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