How to make MINECRAFT Diamond Sword and Diamond Pickaxe

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Maybe you kid has his/her heart set on being a Minecraft character for Halloween. Or perhaps you’re planning a Minecraft-themed party or just want some props for your kids to play with. It seems like all elementary-aged kids are totally obsessed with Minecraft now, and the cost of the goods proves just how popular the game is now.

My kiddo decided he wanted to be Steve for Halloween. The  Minecraft: Steve Cardboard Head (just a cardboard box printed with squares) sells for upwards of $25. I figured out how to make my own (see super-easy step-by-step instructions here).

But what about the sword and pickaxe?

My kiddo wanted not just any sword and pickaxe, but the diamond versions. (Something about invincibility? I can’t keep up with  all the Mineraft lore.)

They sell on Amazon for around $40 – $50. EACH. Not happening. *Edited 10/14—they used to sell for 40-50 bucks. They’re now down to about $20.* (Seriously—I do not lie: Minecraft Blue Diamond Sword, Minecraft Blue Diamond Pickaxe)

Time to get creative and make my own.

FPXFGames provides printouts you can download to make 3D folded paper swords and pickaxes. My kid would destroy a paper version in minutes. I created images to print and glue to foam core instead.

How to Make Minecraft Diamond Sword and Pickaxe

You’ll need:

Printed images
utility knife/razor
1 20 x 28″ piece foam core board (paper coated, not craft foam)
spray adhesive or glue stick
straight edge (metal ruler or L-square)

diamond sword minecraft diamond sword handle Minecraft-pickaxe-template

  1. Download these images. The sword comes on two pages here and here, the pickaxe one here.
    Minecraft-pickaxe-template pdf
    diamond sword template 1 pdf
    minecraft diamond sword 2 pdf
  2. Print. They should print on 11″ x 17″ paper. For best results (or unless you have an amazing printer) I’d recommend printing at a copy shop. (The shiny paper and high-quality ink looks much better!)how to make minecraft diamond sword and pickax
  3. Cut out around (roughly, you don’t need to be precise now) one copy of each so they will fit onto the foam board. Lay out the three  pieces of the sword together. Spray each piece of paper with spray adhesive or smear with glue stick (making sure you glue well around all edges. Rearrange onto board, smooth, and press to ensure a good to make minecraft diamond sword
  4. Now it’s time to cut it out. Again, I roughly cut out each item so it was easier to work with. Using a utility knife or razor and a straight edge, cut out each piece. The knife must go cleanly through the foam, so don’t do it on top of your dining room table–garage floors work great. Make sure you press firmly so the foam cuts evenly.
  5. Once the pickaxe and/or sword are cut out, you need to cut out the other paper copy. (I had my son practice his scissor work while I worked on the previous parts). Spray with adhesive/smear with glue and align on blank side of each piece. Smooth to remove any wrinkles.
  6. That’s it. You’re done!

minecraft costume For directions to make the MINECRAFT STEVE HEAD CLICK HERE.

Note: the prices of the Minecraft go up and down. If you don’t make your own, I hope you find a great deal!

If still want to check the “officially licensed”  products, here are some more links to Amazon:


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57 thoughts on “How to make MINECRAFT Diamond Sword and Diamond Pickaxe

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  2. Janice

    Important to print in landscape setting. Mine printed in 10 sheets, not 3. :(. I would go back and have them redo it but I’m already out $28 for the sheets and foam board

    1. Kerry Ann Post author

      Sorry about that. I went to Office Max and had them print these out on 3 (2 for sword, 1 for pickaxe) 11×17-inch papers. I noticed some copy shop employees are great, some have no clue.

      1. Sarah

        This is very true. Be sure and tell them you want it on 11×17 and to “Shrink to Fit”!! (FYI to future users.)

        And THANK YOU! Diamond Sword for less than $4!

    2. Alison Stamp

      Love this – Printed fine on UK A4 paper. I only did a regular paper copy and stock it to cardboard for an emergency dress up costume. It is brilliant – thanks so much

  3. shinta

    This saves my day! Thank you for making these images available. I just print from my home computer’s printer. It’s not as glossy and nice as copy shop. But it’s good enough. I cut-n-pasted the image to Excel spreadsheet, which lets me print the images across multiple pages. I just glued them together.

    I have quite a happy 7 years old, with a diamond sword.

  4. steve's mom

    This is WONDERFUL! I’m so excited – would love to make these with my son.
    One problem – I’ve tried to download the files (planning to print them at a shop) but couldn’t for some reason.
    I clicked on the download icon, but wouldn’t save onto my computer!
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your creativity!

  5. steve's mom

    Just a follow up – I’ve managed to print them at Staples and they look great!
    My son will be thrilled! Thank you so much.

  6. Rebecca

    I just finished making these super easy projects for my 9 year old! Thank you so much for the links to the PDF’s ands the clear instructions. They came out great! We ended up doubling the thickness since we had extra foam board. But how do you either seal the edges or smooth them out? They’re a little rough around the edges from all the back and forth cutting. Thanks again!!

    1. Corinne Dutton

      I colored the edges with black sharpie then used hot glue to take care of the edges and it gives it extra strength.

  7. Janice

    Thank you so much! I just told my son yesterday that I would NOT pay $24 for a Minecraft sword for his birthday party. He’s going to be so excited!!

  8. Jessica F

    Thank you so much for this incredible post. My kids had been asking for a sword and axe but the cost to buy 2 each ( of course they can’t share) would be over to $100. Totally insane! I’m going to try to make them while they are in school next couple of days. I’m planning on putting a layer to modge podge in hopes to make it last a little longer. They are going to be really excited.

  9. Maja

    Thanks a million for the templates for the diamond sword!! I’m already working on the Steve head with a 10×10 box but needed a template for the sword! Yours is perfect! Can’t wait to make it for my six year old! Thanks again! 🙂
    By the way, today we were at Barnes and Nobles and came across a pre-made Steve head… for $18!! And I had already checked Party City where both the axe and sword (foam) were both about $18!! Craziness!
    Maja recently posted…Halloween Ideas for Grown-upsMy Profile

  10. Tiffany

    Thanks a bunch! This worked perfectly! I did the pickaxe and it printed very nicely on 11 x 17 on my printer at the office. I wish I would have thought to do the same thing for the block heads before we bought them. I used corrugated cardboard instead of foam board but it still worked great 🙂 Best of all… it was totally FREE!!!!

  11. Christi

    Thank you so much for the instructions and downloads. I tried to print the sword at Fed Ex print shop and they wanted written permission from you to print them!! Yeesh! Luckily a family member was able to print them for me from their office printer! I also got the head on clearance in toy department @ Walmart for $7. Thanks again for an awesome costume on a budget!

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  13. La

    Unfortunately, I waited until the day before Halloween, stood in line at a local party store for an hour to be told that both, Steve, the Creeper head and the $25 sword were sold out! Feeling defeated I looked up for another costume & discovered 5 Creeper heads left, high on a shelf. I bought the head for $20. Found the Creeper socks for $10 (I love the socks). I explained to my son I would try too make the sword. It was down to the last day and two hours before it was dusk. So, coming across this was a life saver. Although I didn’t follow all the instructions (no time for the copy shop; I used a high quality color copier), the sword still came out awesome! It was fun too make. Thanks! It made a 8 year old boy very happy, was a big hit at the party & while trick or treating! Now I have too make Steve the pickaxe & cross bow. Really cool.

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  24. Yamie

    Thank you for the templates! My minecraft obsessed 6 year old is so excited! We’ve just printed and glued onto cardboard.

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  28. Ari

    Hi, I tried printing these at FedEx print shop and they wouldn’t citing “copyright infringement” did anyone else have a problem?

    1. Sheli Carr

      Yes! Office Depot refused to print them, as well, and I don’t have access to a large format printer. I guess I’ll have to shell out the money for the real thing since I don’t have the time or patience to piece it together from 8.5×11 pages. 🙁

  29. Cindy

    This worked great!! I made 2 of these in about 2 hours. The cutting around the edges was a little intricate, but the end result was amazing! Thank you!

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  33. Rebecka

    Thank you! I found a green bag in the craft section of Wal-Mart for under a dollar. Used markers and did creeper on the front and a zombie on the back (only to cover up the pencil lines I tried – and failed – to erase). Thank you for sharing!

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