At work (our local public library) I’m considered the creative and crafty one. Martha Stewart I am not. But I do love to figure out how to make cool things for a fraction of the price of buying the item in stores. Check out a few of my projects, all with full instructions.

Time to get your craft on.


2 thoughts on “CRAFTY

  1. Caitlin Mullins

    I was wondering if you had any info on how to make a Creeper head with the same template/format you used for the Steve head? I have two boys (8&9 no less!) that want to be Steve and Creeper-this makes me obviously refuse to spend $100 plus on the actual items from Amazon or Jinx. Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Amy Bair

    Hi, Do you have links to the minecraft grid page as well as the creeper face page? I cannot get them to print off as a full page directly from the current page. I know 60 3rd graders would will LOVE to make these both on Fun Fridays! Thank you for this.


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